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How is effective performance measured?

Rugby Analyser 54 algorithms calculate a team’s effectiveness on their ability to successfully apply pressure on their opponents i.e. attain a score, field position or possession.

How and where do I log a kick turnover?

Where the kick-chase team engages the receiving team or where the receiving team kicks the ball from.

How do I save a report?

Choose the ‘share’ icon; you can select to copy, save to pictures, print or share via email and social media on your device. 

How do I log multiple knock-ons?

If possession is clearly secured then Turnover is logged; if possession is not secured by any team then log the final event (scrum, line out, penalty etc.)

What should I do in the event of foul play or a TMO decision after I’ve logged some events?

If you have logged a few events or an incorrect event, or play is brought back or a decision is reversed then use the ‘Undo’ button until you reach the appropriate point to continue logging correctly. 

How would I log a charge or block-down followed by a recovery of possession by the kicking team?

A turnover is logged by the team blocking down possession, followed by a turnover if the original team regains possession.

What happens if a team kicking-off wins the ball at the drop-off?

Nothing is coded since the team kicking off is still in possession. Coding resumes at the next event as normal.