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Getting Started

Using Rugby Analyser is very straightforward and easy:

  • Touch the ball in the centre of the screen
  • Input the names of the teams playing, and change their team colours
  • Press the Tick to save
  • Now touch the Whistle in the middle of the pitch to select the team with Kick Off.  Once done the Restart symbol will be displayed on the pitch area.
  • Now touch the pitch zone where the next key event occurs, for example a Turnover, a Scrum, etc
  • The App will prompt you for the details relevant to the event, for example the team with possession at the Scrum


Simply repeat the process of touching the screen to record each event as it occurs.


When the match reaches Half Time press the Whistle at the top of the screen.  You will then see the Analysis Charts for the first half of the match.  Press the tick to continue.


Repeat the process to record the analysis for the second half.  At full time press the Whistle at the top of the screen.  You will now be able to view the analysis for the First Half, for the Second Half, and for the match overall.


Note that during the match you can press the Chart button at any stage to see the current Analysis position.